July 14, 2009

Handsfree in Thalassery

The little STD place in Thalassery where I stop to make a call doubles as a watch showroom. It has several watches on display in the window. Very nice looking watches, too. Even though I remember the better judgement of my wife, who thinks I have altogether too many watches, I am tempted, so I take a closer look. Good thing I do, because every single watch is hands-free. Now I don't mean hands-free like those thingies that attach to cellphones, and I don't mean digital watches. I mean every single watch on display is missing its hour and minute hands. They look brand new, in cases and everything, but they have no hands.

Oh yeah, I want one of those. What's the time, honey? Time for whatever you want, dumpling.

Speaking of dumplings ... Down the road from the watch shop is Thalassery's heavily advertised "Barbiq'n" restaurant. According to the large beautifully produced signs all round the establishment, also all around town, also on the leaflets you can find lying in various places, "Barbiq'n" can offer you your choice of: "Broast, Barbiq, Tandoori, Grild, Kabsa, Hamoose, Porotta, Chappathi, Biriyani, Goribsa and Filafil."

I'm spoiled for choice, I swear. I have a feeling one of these must be a dumpling, I have no idea which. But I also think that left to myself, I'll give "Goribsa" a miss, thank you. Possibly "Broast" as well.

The bus to Mahe leaves from the bus-stand just around the corner from this Hamoose and Goribsa joint. The conductor waves me on to it as if I'm a long lost friend -- and given how many buses go to Mahe, and the need to attract every possible passenger who will pay a fare, perhaps I am like a long lost friend. And then as we roll along parallel to the coast, we pass, first, the Yamaha motorcycle dealership named "Susu Auto"; second, the barber establishment named "Sardonic Hair Cutting Saloon."

What a pity my hair was cut only a couple of weeks earlier! I'd have liked to have it done here, and perhaps have the barber smile crookedly to himself and pass sarcastic remarks and say "Heh heh heh" all through.

As for the Yamaha dealership, all I can say is, I'm glad I don't have need for a bike right now.

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